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We are now issuing an open call to artists working with film, lens based work and he moving image to submit work relating to


From 14th-22nd November 2009
in Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Ireland, switch will occupy unused spaces throughout the town centre to project works of moving image.

8 video works will be shown simultaneously in various locations, from 5pm to 11pm in the evening, hence creating a different way to navigate and experience the town centre and the artworks themselves.

* The event itself will be accompanied by a publication & a website.
* An artist fee of Euro 250 will be paid per selected artist.
* For further information and details of application please contact

The Arts Office, North Tipperary County Council, Civic Offices, Limerick Road, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. 00353 [0]67-44860 /

Closing date for receipt of submissions is 17th September 2009 at 4pm.

Switch was initiated in autumn 2008 and is an artist-led initiative supported by North Tipperary County Councils Arts Office. Featuring works by artists from Tipperary, Cork, London, Glasgow & Gothenburg, the inaugural switch project in 2008 was a huge success and an event with an International focus, showing a range of approaches to working with lens based and digital media. To view the 2008 project go to

your submission should include:

* a short CV
* you may submit up to 5 works
* works should be on DVD as
- quicktime files or on
- DVD playable in a DVD player
* if you submit more than one work, please include menu & chaptermarkers

please note:

* the installed videos will have no sound
* the video works will be situated in the public sphere, therefore content consideration must be taken into account
* works will be shown on a constant loop,
* all submission will be viewed using a laptop/DVD-player & projector

All applications should be send to:

The Arts Office - switch
North Tipperary County Council
Civic Offices, Limerick Road
Co. Tipperary


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