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AUTOCENTER Summer Academy – ACSA 2013

June 17th – July 13th 2013 @ AUTOCENTER

Berlin 4 Weeks – 8 Classes – 120 Guests – Berlin
Eingabedatum: 17.06.2013

The ACSA takes place in the new location of AUTOCENTER in the very heart of Berlin. For ACSA 2013 a four-week program with two classes each week and wonderful accompanying lectures and tours has been created. We have managed to bring together great personalities from all over the world - all being involved in the arts, still bringing in their very special expertise and perspective.

Our aim is to provide a platform for networking and for developing ones personal work with the support of - and in exchange with international artists, to meet various personalities from the art world and exchange of ideas, while getting insights in the art metropolis Berlin. Not only due to the fact that we are located in a former library, the question of how knowledge can be gained and/or shared and how communication functions within this process to experience community and exchange, became constantly more vivid and our leading theme during ACSA 2013.
In the past 12 years AUTOCENTER has established itself as one of the most important art spaces in Berlin - through its dynamic, innovative and autonomous concept. As it is AUTOCENTERs goal to offer a space for experiments in every art section, it was a logical consequence that in 2009 AUTOCENTER organized the first International Summer Academy in Berlin (ISAB 2009). With its wide experience and its close cooperation with international artists and institutions, AUTOCENTER offers the ideal infrastructure to provide a platform for discourses on contemporary art production and practice.
With ACSA 2013 an extended program has been developed to allow approx. 120 international guests to participate in this network and to work within this professional infrastructure.


WEEK 1 – June 17th – 22nd
CLASS 1: Marc Bijl / Painting
CLASS 2: Thomas Scheibitz / Sculpture
LECTURES: Julieta Aranda, Thibaut de Ruyter
TOUR: A.-Catharina Gebbers

WEEK 2 – June 24th – 29th
CLASS 1: Marlie Mul / Sculpture
CLASS 2: Olaf Nicolai / Concept
LECTURES: Maike Cruse, Ivo Wessel
TOUR: Marc Glöde

WEEK 3 – July 1st – 6th
CLASS 1: Ned Vena/ Painting
CLASS 2: Jorinde Voigt/ Drawing
LECTURES: Gerrit Gohlke, Arno Brandlhuber
TOUR: Samuel Leuenberger

WEEK 4 – July 8th – 13th
CLASS 1: Dirk Bell / Painting
CLASS 2: Rallou Panagiotou / Media
LECTURES: Andreas Schlaegel, Jennifer Allen
TOUR: Sandra Teitge

The application deadline is May 1st.

For additional information please go to:


Space for Contemporary Art Berlin
Maik Schierloh +Joep van Liefland
Leipziger Strasse 56
10117 Berlin, Germany



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