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Eingabedatum: 03.05.2013


John Knight
John Knight
4. Mai - 30 Juni 2013 | Portikus, Frankfurt/Main

guardianculture - From Henry VIII to Nelson: how historical figures could look today ? in pictures

phillipsauction - LDN - "What he's trying to do is shower us with life" Lou Proud on #NobuyoshiAraki and '77 Works': #video #Araki

artinberlin - Galerie Rothamel Frankfurt: Hans-Christian Schink (4.5.-22.6.2013) via @artinberlin

artinberlin - John Knight - Portikus Frankfurt am Main via @artinberlin

e_flux - Book launch: @CuratorsINTL + @HUObrist launch do it: the compendium

davidzwirner - Don't miss an exhibition of work by Tomma Abts at Galerie Buchholz, Cologne. On view through June

artplusdotcom - RT @pnca: Congratulations Ellen Lesperance, faculty member curated into first Biennale Online

ArtObserved - A blunt, immediate #sculpture by Tracey Emin @lehmannmaupin #art #chelsea

phillipsauction - LDN - #GraysonPerry introducing Hogarth's dog & unveiling Annunciation of the Virgin Deal @landsecurities Art Talk

PaceGallery - Check out installation photos of #MayaLin at 32 East 57th Street, New York. On view through June 22.


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