Coworking Space / Blitz Shop / Fashion Studio

(Eingabedatum: 13.03.2020)

Coworking Space / Blitz Shop / Fashion Studio


Anyone searching for a coworking space/ shop?
I'm a fashion designer and I would like to share my studio / shop in Wedding!
Currently I'm selling handmade clothes made by myself (Wilda Wolf) and some other designers, a few records and underground comics.
So it doesn't matter if you're a fashion/ graphic designer, photographer, if you're searching for a working space only, or if you wanna open a record store.
Whatever you wanna do, if your idea fits in Blitz Shop.... Let's grow and be strong together! <3

I'm not there every day, may this is good to know for you as well.
Blitz Shop is close to Leopoldplatz (U6) or Nauener Platz (U9). There is a small kitchen, bathroom and WiFi too.
190€ per month

Just let me know if you want to take a look!



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