Atelier Sublet in the centre of Berlin Neukölln (during March): 30 qm for 270 eur.

(Eingabedatum: 22.02.2020)

I am subletting my art studio space from 2.March-2.April- one month. The studio is at Richardplatz in Neukölln. The Atelier is a private room in an Atelier Apartment where there are totally 9 separated ateliers.

It is 30 qm totally and Im living just a few Materials and pictures, that are tidied in a corner, and some furniture, like chairs, 2 tables and a painter easel. You will have around 25 qm free space to work.
The studio has high ceilings, natural light, access to water, toilets and shared kitchen and heating. The price is 270 Eur all inclusive. We do no’t have internet.

The Atelier is ideal for painting, sculpture and drawing.

It is a first floor and we do not have a lift.

If you are interested, contact me as soon as possible,

Of course the atelier will be tidy and empty.


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