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art news today 21.05.2013

Eingabedatum: 21.05.2013

art news today 21.05.2013


Streit Fotoserie: Beuys - Handelsblatt

2013-05-21 12:56:36 -

Art Basel - Hong Kong

2013-05-21 11:59:56 -

Welcome to the newest Art Basel show. With half of the participating galleries coming from Asia and Asia-Pacific, Art Basel in Hong Kong assumes a significant role in the international artworld, providing a portal to the region's artists. The new show gives galleries from around the world a platform in Asia to demonstrate the way they work with artists, and bring their highest quality work to Hong Kong.

Pace Gallery - James Turrell at LACMA, MFA Houston, and the Guggenheim

2013-05-21 11:59:53 -

James Turrell's three-venue retrospective opens May 26 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Over the next month, shows will open at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York.For more information on the LACMA exhibition, click here.



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