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art news today 22.05.2013

Eingabedatum: 22.05.2013

art news today 22.05.2013


Browse what's on | Tate

2013-05-22 12:03:52 - http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/search?f[]=im_vid_45:1735&f[]=im_vid_47:1866

Take a guided tour through the Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life exhibition at Tate Britain. Tours last for one hour and are taken by Tate...

Frieze Magazine | Archive | Annika Ström

2013-05-22 12:03:49 - http://www.frieze.com/issue/article/annika_stroem/

• Join us in an experiment and make Zeegas for...

2013-05-22 12:03:24 - http://blog.zeega.com/post/50588319724/join-us-in-an-experiment-and-make-zeegas-for

Join us in an experiment and make Zeegas for SFMOMA!

art-in-berlin.de Video: Kapoor in Berlin

2013-05-22 12:03:17 - http://www.art-in-berlin.de/incbmeldvideo.php?id=2842

Twitter / davidzwirner: #ArtBaselHK http://t.co/jDpdX46ymC

2013-05-22 12:02:05 - https://twitter.com/davidzwirner/status/336911218226888705/photo/1

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China Builds Museums, But Filling Them Is Another Story : Parallels : NPR

2013-05-22 12:02:01 - http://www.npr.org/blogs/parallels/2013/05/21/185776432/china-builds-museums-but-will-the-visitors-c

art-in.de museum
Die Gruppe SPUR, der Pop und die Politik - Kiel

2013-05-22 12:01:38 - http://www.art-in.de/incmu2.php?id=3702&-Die-Gruppe-SPUR-der-Pop-und-die-Politik

H P. Zimmer

HP Zimmer, „Malanggan“, 1966/1968, Öl auf Leinwand, 190 x 140 cm, SPUR-Archiv, Berlin © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2013bilder

Ars Electronica Blog
Winners Prix Ars Electronica 2013 | Ars Electronica Blog

2013-05-22 12:01:30 - http://www.aec.at/aeblog/en/2013/05/16/gewinnerinnen-prix-ars-electronica-2013/

Voilá, those are the Golden Nicas and Awards of Distinctions of Prix Ars Electronica 2013. Check out the full list of winners at www.aec.at/prix/en/gewinner.

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