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ARTBOTS - Can artificial intelligence create a work of art?

Patchlab Digital Art Festival 2018 Krakow

23.-28. 10. 2018
Eingabedatum: 18.10.2018

The theme of the 7th edition of the Patchlab festival will be ARTBOTS.
The festival will be held in Krakow from 23-28 October, 2018.

We will examine a world increasingly full of intelligent algorithms, and try to make contact with creative AI.

In 2014, scientists created a new version of a test for machine inteligence. To pass it, artificial intelligence must show imagination and create a work of art based on the data provided. This need not be a work of genius; what counts is creativity. Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be creative, beyond its enormous computing power that surpasses human capabilities? What could this creativity look like, and how might it be perceived? Will the development of AI lead to a radical change in how we define a work of art? And one last question: Will the creative power of artificial intelligence affect our attitude towards it? We will be reflecting on all this during Patchlab festival 2018.

The theme of this year’s edition is ARTBOTS - creative robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI). During 6 festival days and nights we will present works of 43 artists from Poland, Austria, USA, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia, Mexico and Taiwan at the Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki, Małopolska Garden of Arts, Faculty of Foundry Engineering of AGH in Krakow, Hevre +1 and Szpitalna1. Algorithms will create graphics, compose music, play games and write poetry. At the opening of the exhibition drinks will be served by the Spritzerbot and an intelligent picture will reveal a machine’s thoughts about visitors. Participants will have a rare opportunity to experience being drawn by robots thanks to the Human Study: 5 Robots Named Paul installation created by Patrick Tresset in collaboration with Tate Modern. There will be also a unique chance to see the world from the perspective of drones in Maotic’s performance, cyberpunk opera featuring an AI having a mental breakdow by Italian artist Datacode. Algoritms will create graphics, compose muisc, play games and write poetry and during the workshops there will be opportunity even to create your own artborts. In the festival program there are also open meetings, presentations and lectures concerning the topic of new technologies and AI in art. Wiesław Bartkowski, the head of Creative Coding Faculty at SWPS University in Warsaw, Piotr Krajewski, the Director of WRO Centre and Jakub Koźniewski, co-founder of PanGenerator, are among other invited speakers.

7th edition of Patchlab Digital Festival not only gives a chance to see contemporary art works, but also those from past decades that have significantly contributed to the development of digital art. This year it is a founding work of robotic art, Senster created in 1969-71 by a Polish artist and visionaire, Edward Ihnatowicz. The program also includes screening of video art curated by Piotr Krajewski, an art director of the WRO Media Art Biennale and a selection of live audiovisual performances incorporating the 360-degree projection at Hevre+1. Saturday night will belong to adventurous DJs with live visuals from Germany, Poland and Mexico at the Szpitalna1 Club.

For full program and more details visit patchlab.pl
During the previous editions we presented works and live-acts of the following artists among others:

AntiVJ (BE), 1024architecture (FR), XCEED (HK), Adrien M & Claire B (FR), Nikolas Maigret (FR), Tale of Tales (BE), PanGenerator (PL), Kuflex (RU), Thomas Köner (DE), Peter Kirn (USA/DE), Electric Indigo (AT), DROP (IT), Lee Gamble (UK), Anthony Rother (DE).

Patchlab Digital Art Festival is an annual event for art based on the latest technologies and new media. We are interested in the creative potential in machines, algorithms, programming and databases. We show works by recognized artists, but also by those from beyond the mainstream. We explore key phenomena in contemporary culture and art, including VR, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, hacking and digital identities.
Patchlab is exhibitions, performances and audiovisual concerts, films, workshops with artists and technology specialists, meetings and discussions.

The festival has been held in Krakow since 2012.

Patchlab is organized by the Photon Foundation. It is part of the AVnode international platform of artists and events, presenting contemporary audiovisual art. It is supported by the Creative Europe European Union program.



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