Body in Abstraction

The Barn in Kendrew Quad, St John's College

16 Feb - 1 March 2013 - conceptual art
Eingabedatum: 16.02.2013


16 Feb - 1 March 2013. Opening Hours 11am to 6pm
Location: The Barn in Kendrew Quad, St John's College

Curator: Laura Carlotta Gottlob
Art History Advisor: Reidar Due

The exhibition starts with the opening at 6pm on Friday 15 Feb (all welcome). The daily opening hours of 11am-6pm then apply from Saturday 16 Feb until 1 March.

This exhibition presents four works from the European tradition of conceptual art. All the artists use video as their principal form of expression. Conceptual video art is marked by a search for the essential boundaries of the moving image.

It explores the boundaries of perception and of the human being in its interaction with the world. In some cases, this interrogation is concerned with the archetypal forms that structure our perception, the forms in which we identify ourselves and others. In other cases, this interrogation follows a social or semiotic route and presents the limits of society or of technical behaviour.

Each of the works presented here follows one of these two directions of interrogation. The works by Elisabetta Di Sopra and by Hofstetter Kurt and Barbara Doser concern essential and archetypal forms of the human body. The works by Anna Jermolaewa and by Peter Weibel explore the boundaries of society and of human interaction with the medium of video. Video less pictorially is used by Weibel, Hofstetter and Doser.

They arrange circuits and loops of video interacting with itself in order to obtain from this technological process images that concern the very basis of perception.

This exhibition is organised by St John’s College Oxford and ZKM | Center for Media and Art - Karlsruhe in collaboration with MAO - Modern Art Oxford, University of Oxford - Ruskin School of Art & Department of Computer Science with support of the Austrian Cultural Forum London.

The exhibition is free and open to all - if any alumni would like to attend, please email the Alumni Office in advance.


15 Feb., 4:00 pm, lecture by Peter Weibel "Renaissance 2.0" at the Ruskin School of Art, Old Master's Studio, 74 High Street

19 Feb., 4:30 pm, lecture by Hofstetter Kurt "On the Event Horizon of Oder" at the Department of Computer Science, Wolfson Bldg, Parks Road (Corner Keble Rd.).


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